Thursday, September 03, 2015

Say you remember me

Wonder if A R Rahman did the music or if Harini did some singing here and there ..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

gilbert stern

Gilbert-Stern combo is great fun ...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


What about reverse swing?
I love bowling reverse swing. Touch wood, I have control over it, but I don't think in cricket anyone is a master. I have better control over lengths but it all depends on how good you feel and in what rhythm you are. You can bowl seven overs on the trot when you are in rhythm; if you are not, it's a struggle to bowl even five. Some days you just wake up happy and everything and everyone around you feels good. There is this happy atmosphere around you. You go to the ground and feel you can do whatever you want. I think all fast bowlers know it.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tribute to Larry David

As a tribute to Larry David..
i have slowly started ..
- to use the phrase 'get out of here' in friendly chats
- to use 'pretty pretty pretty pretty good' in friendly chats
- my laptop tag reads LD1178 .. instead of saying L .. D..1..1..7...8.. started saying Larry David 1 1 7 8

sometimes i wonder.. how come Larry David .. or Ricky Gervais .. are so sharp with their wit and humour .. and always suspected that having English as your mother tongue or most often spoken language .. helps .. but i am quite sure that's not the case.. some are just naturally brilliant with words...

Gandhijiya suttuttangalam

Was listening to 'Vinnaythaandi varuvaaya' songs recently .. probably after nearly 10 months after the movie's release ... and thought 'mannippaya' song was quite brilliant..
and left a few offline messages to folks who i thought should appreciate the song .. the way i did...
and .. one person replied... the song wasn't all that spectacular .. cause the flute reminded me of the titanic .. my heart will go on.. music..
i was shocked by that rather strange observation...
the reason why i liked that song.. was probably some decent lyrics.. and of course rahman's crooning .. as if begging to his partner to just fall for him (singing.. melum melum .. urugi urugi... ) ... rahman still has some class left in him.. of course.. comes out not all that often..
as for this observation.. since then everytime i listen to the same song.. i am shocked to find out that.. even i am keen to observe that bloody godforsaken flute a la titanic style.. and then. .. the rather boring shreya goshal song .. trying to be too polite and too plastic... grrr...

the innocence in the song lasts maybe for the first few hearings of the song... and soon .. the magic of the song is lost ... when you start questioning the components of the song.. and it's originality ... soon.. you think the song is a bit of a hype... what the hell..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Accidental Photographer

With the advent of digital age and digital photography - it definitely sucks to see everyone acting like a super photographer and brandishing their photographs to one-and-all in web portals.

In tourist places this trend is even more worrisome - almost all so-called photographers keep clicking rather than do just watching what the tourist place has to offer.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Slow Jog

Slow jog is much fun though.
-You hardly lose your breadth
-Neither do you get too tired
-Best part is you cover more distance
-You spend more time outside

Hopefully I can continue this for a week or ten days at least

London Bridge

Hoping to visit London Bridge (located here) whenever I visit Las Vegas.

Peter Sellers

Was listening to this documentary was glad to listen to some of Peter Sellers voice snippets.

Though at times I think most of Peter Sellers' voice impressions seemed to have a strong unintended Indian accent. Guess, he falls into the same trap as Cenk Uygur whose voice impressions of Russians/Aussie/MiddleEastern etc., seems to have a strong tinge of Indian accent.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iris Murdoch - Jiddu

Eleven part series -

What I liked about this video -
a. Iris Murdoch scratching her head quite often while listening to Jiddu - he he that's what I would call a real reaction
b. When Iris is deep in thought and tries to phrase her thoughts in an orderly fashion - she lets her eyes observe some object to the left corner and then after strenuous thinking - she brings up her point - amazingly beautiful to watch and quite real
c. To me - this is probably the first time that someone other than Jiddu did most of the talking.
d. Best part was her enthusiasm in trying to translate (in her own words) what Jiddu said (Jiddu's vocabulary is way too abstract for me)